Tuesday, September 19, 2006

brilliant ideas

AKA When the Second Shoe er Jar of Ghee Drops.

First, I'm writing you from my new MacBook. I love it. My brilliant idea had nothing to do with getting a new MacBook, my iBook has been a faithful companion for a few months now and we were getting along just fine. Cat and iBook though, I had no idea they were so friendly. What can I say, Ghee Happens.

Lessons learned.

In the kitchen with my faithful group of Guniea pigs on the way over. Browser open to the recipe website and a furious simmering going on. I was determined to put the second jar of ghee to use. I haven't lived down the first ghee incident, yet, by the way.

I open the bottom cupboard to search for a double broiler or something the resembled a double broiler. I am not sure what exactly it is, I think it has two pans in it. I needed one for the recipe. Who knew that nuking chocolate instead of slowly melting it in a double broiler would alter the chocolate's delicate aroma?

Scardie enters the kitchen for a bit of kibble. I keep pulling out pans then go to get the phone. I was calling one of the Guineas to ask what it was supposed to look like, you with me so far? Dial, ring, chitchat, walk back in to the kitchen with the phone to find Scardie on the counter with the jar of ghee tipped on its side and scardie is there smurming around in the puddle of ghee taking the occasional slurp. The puddle is also under the iBook on the side where the power cable goes in.

He hears me coming, attempts to stand up and slides right on to the keyboard.

I advise the Guineas we will be calling out for pizza and to bring the appropriate wine. A quick call to my MAC guy and several minutes of bad puns and pointing and laughing (at me wouldn't you know it) I had an appointment to drop off the iBook.

As it turns out the ghee got in to important guts that had something to do with the screen. I could pay to replace the guts or upgrade. When in doubt, upgrade. A MacBook it is.

There is now an absolute ban on ghee in the house. Ghee may not enter nor come within a 50 radius of Scardie. Scardie can stare at me all he wants. No way, no how, not going to bring anymore Death Slime into THIS house.

And he has been warned, with this:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Morgsarah is a goddess

Despite the depiction in the painting she does not usually stand around naked in a big shell. Sometime she rides around naked on a horse. Sometimes she spins up pretties. see, pretties. Sometimes she looks at old stuff. She knows a lot about old stuff. Sometimes she digs up old stuff. Old stuff is neat. The more you know about old stuff, the more you know about old stuff.

Warning: if you are trying to learn how to make parathas, you might want to start with a cast iron skillet and not one of those curved discus type pans the Indians use. Especially if your are playing with your cat and a yoyo at the same time. Chances are high that you will whack the jar of ghee causing it to fall onto the floor. Chances are also that your cat will be standing in the general vicinity of the jar (plastic) when it falls to the floor.

Chances are also high that you did not put the lid on the jar so when the jar fell onto the floor your cat was coated with ghee. The probability of your cat freaking out and running out of the kitchen are high. Also the chance of you slipping on the ghee and falling flat on your ass followed shortly by the yoyo whacking your forehead are, well, just don't try to teach yourself how to make parathas while playing with a yoyo and your cat.

While you are on the floor wondering what the hell just happened you will notice black smoke billowing towards the ceiling of your kitchen. While you try to stand up to get a chair to turn off the fire alarm you will reach over to take the discus type pan off of the burner not realizing that a metal discus type thing that has been on the heat is hot. Really hot. Next time you want parathas either go out or order in, otherwise don't attempt to make them if there is a yoyo and cat involved, no good will ever come of it. Be sure to stock up on Dawn, it takes grease (and ghee) out of the way.

And that Sarah, she is a goddess.

P.S. When doing all of the above, if you happen to have guinea pigs aka company present to witness said event, it is best you have a sense of humor and are able to laugh at yourself along with the rest of the company who are laughing at you.

P.S.S. After turning of firealarm and catching the giggles. If the guy you are seeing is walking around the mess to grab the mop, by all means to not turn your backside to your captive audience and ask "Does this ghee make my ass look big?". Wait until he has cleared the scene of the ghee.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Of Buttons and Velcro

I have added a button! You can add one too. Zib made a button and BadAmy made one too with a lamb on it if they please you, you can use that one or use them both. You can find the lamb button here. I mainly spin my own cotton so I chose the plant based button. Either way, it's all good, as long as it is natural.

I have been trying to figure out what I could possibly pack that would work as a Dutch Oven yet also serve other purposes. Fresh baked bread would be nice. Maybe we can dig a hole and line it with stones. That means we will need a shovel. There must be multi-use shovels out there somewhere. Are there Swiss Army shovels? Does anybody else imagine the Swiss Army to be full of holes with cookoos popping out of the holes? Are cookoos extinct? I am supposed to be working here and how can I when there is so much research to be done?

I think I will make some eye pillows for the trip. Eyes like pillows.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MorgSarah can kick your butt.

Because she is all that.

Chuck Norris's butt too!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Googling on a workMonday

Two words. Giacomo Leopardi. And more words about a lost sheep guy on the steppes steps those you know where sheep guys hang out with the sheep.


The Altar of the Morgsarah will be up when it has been properly sanctified.

Pickles Pickle

Tis I, Sasha, the Spinner of Morg.

I am currently in a bit of a pickle pickle. You see I am supposed to be packing up the yurt and pickles and I can not find the vinegar. Then I went off in search of instructions as to how one would go about making their own vinegar so they could make their own pickles and I found some instructions about turning wine into vinegar. I find turning wine into vinegar incredibly offensive and I am sure it offends a few gods and it makes the Baby Jesus cry too. Hello? Wine is to swill, not to pickle pickles!

Wait, I have it. The best pickles, Best Pickles, BEST Pickles come from Poland. A pitstop to stock up in in order. Note: we will have to check the pickles since they are no longer allowed in the carry-on.

If pickles are outlawed only outlaws will have pickles.